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We’ve all heard the adage that drinking eight glasses of water a day is good for your health. But, have you ever wondered what this hydration actually has to do with your body? The benefits are significant and may even surprise you. Read on to find out why drinking eight cups of water a day is important for you.

A Mindful Mind

Your brain is comprised mostly of water. Keeping it hydrated can help keep your thinking intact and provide a better overall mind balance. You’ll feel sharper and more alert as you down your eight cups of water. Your mind will thank you for the refreshment with increased brain power, so be sure to drink up!

Glowing Skin

You may be slathering on the beauty products to get that healthy glowing skin when all you really need is some generous hydration. Drinking eight glasses of water a day can rejuvenate your skin and help you replace those beauty products that are taking up space in your bathroom. Water keeps your skin soft and supple. It also can reduce the appearance of wrinkles or even prevent them.

Hydrate The Head

If you are prone to constant headaches, you may be experiencing dehydration. The body needs water, and without proper hydration, you can start to feel the effects quickly. Migraine sufferers can also benefit from water consumption. Drinking water can help your body balance and reduce the symptoms of headaches from dehydration.

Muscle Cramps Be Gone

After a tough gym workout, your muscles may start to cramp and feel the effects of your efforts. Drinking water can actually help you reduce muscle cramps, giving your body the break, it needs after some healthy exercise. Water helps lubricate the body and can keep your joints and muscles more flexible. This will reduce the pain and help you feel nimbler after a strenuous workout.

Weigh A Little Less

Looking for a way to lose a few pounds, why not down a few glasses of refreshing water. Water can help you feel fuller and stop you from overindulging when you shouldn’t. You’ll feel more satisfied and be able to stay on track with your diet easier. The pounds will seem to literally drop off, giving you a more confident you.

Flush It Out

Your body holds toxins from the myriad of items that you ingest. By allowing your body to sweat and urinate, you can naturally flush out these toxins for a cleaner you. Water is the perfect choice to help kidney stones pass or to clear up a urinary tract infection. Let the water flow in and flow out, so you can eliminate toxin build up.

Get A Big Boost

Drinking eight glasses of water a day can help you boost your immune system functions. Because the body is made up of water and relies on its so heavily to perform its functions, drinking more of it can help ensure there is no interruption in the system. You’ll be less apt to get sick as water will help you ward off illnesses. You can protect yourself from colds, flu, and even prevent diseases like cancer or heart attacks.

Freshen Your Breath

When your mouth feels a little on the stinky side, you may want to reach for your toothbrush. While brushing is important to have fresh breath so is drinking water. Water promotes the development of saliva and mucus in the mouth. This can help you keep your breath fresh all day long. Staying hydrated prevents mouth dryness which can cause bad breath, so drink a big gulp of water to ensure you are kissable at all times.

Choose The Right Water For You

As you look to increase your water intake to eight glasses a day, you need to make sure to choose quality water that tastes good and is safe to drink. Le Bleu offers pure, clean water that will help your body health. Made from only hydrogen and oxygen, you benefit from all that Le Bleu water offers with its water. It is contaminant-free, so you never have to worry about your health when you drink. Make the right choice and choose Le Bleu water today!


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