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What Are The Differences Between Le Bleu Water
and Tap Water?

Clean, pure water is a right for every American. The ability to access water from your tap may seem convenient but is it really the best possible option? You have choices as a consumer of the water that you drink. Le Bleu offers high-quality water without any impurities, that allows you to consume clean and safe water without any worry about what you are putting into your body.

So, how does Le Bleu really stack up against your tap water? The difference is astounding and may make you rethink the next time you pour a glass of water from your tap.

Pure H2O

How sure are you that you are drinking pure water from your tap? If you have any doubt, you are probably right. Tap water contains a number of different chemicals, minerals, and contaminants that can actually cause illness and disease. Lead from your pipes can seep into the water supply, or you may be exposed to pharmaceutical drugs that are leached into the water supply when someone flushes these medications down the toilet.

When you choose Le Bleu water, you are getting the purest, cleanest form of drinking water possible. Le Bleu water is made from only hydrogen and oxygen. It is produced with a ratio of 11 percent hydrogen and 89 percent oxygen. There is never anything additional added to the water as it is produced pure for the best flavor possible.

No Contaminants

Even if your tap water looks clear in appearance when you pour it, it is filled with a number of contaminants that can harm you. Tap water often is contaminated with bacteria such as legionella and E. coli. These bacteria can make you ill by causing cramping, diarrhea, headaches, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Even the chemicals used to rid your tap water of contaminants leaves byproducts in your water that can affect its taste as well as ingestion into your body. The disinfecting solutions that water treatment plants use to clean the water supply contain byproducts that are left in your tap water. These byproducts can be harmful and cause you to ingest substances that are foreign to your body.

With Le Bleu, you are assured contaminate-free water. There are no chemicals or bacteria found in the water that Le Bleu makes. You never have to worry about ingesting pharmaceutical medications or byproducts like chlorine. There are no microorganisms to worry about, and you will never get sick from a virus found in Le Bleu’s water.

Le Bleu provides clean and pure water that is safe to drink. You can have that peace of mind that you are getting the highest-quality water from Le Bleu. There are no contaminants that can make you sick, which are often found in tap water.

No Additives

Additives such as fluoride are commonly found in tap water. Fluoride is added to tap water to promote dental health. While many believe that fluoride provides significant benefits to children and adults that consume this mineral, many others do not see its value. Fluoride can actually be detrimental in tap water, causing a range of learning and developmental disorders. It has even been linked to cancer in young children and can cause bones to be fragile.

Le Bleu never adds any fluoride to its water, so you get the purest water possible. Using only hydrogen and oxygen, you are assured that the water you drink from Le Bleu is safe to consume. There is no fear of developing a disease or illness from Le Bleu’s water as you will only have water in its purest form.

Fresh Tasting

You may find that over time the tap water from your faucet develops a funny taste. The contaminants, byproducts, and additives can discolor or create a sour or pungent taste to your tap water. This not only tastes bad but it can make you sick. You may avoid drinking water, instead opting for other types of beverages that are not healthy for you.

With Le Bleu water, you will always have that refreshing taste to look forward to when you drink. The taste is pure and crystal clear, so you can feel hydrated without that funny aftertaste or smell. The choice is clear when it comes to choosing Le Bleu over your tap water. For the most refreshing and safe water on the market, turn to Le Bleu. Order your Le Bleu water today!

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