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Ketogenic diets are quickly gaining traction as more and more people realize how effective the process is in dropping weight. According to a study published in Cell Metabolism, fasting has been practiced for millennia. Fasting can produce “adaptive cellular responses that reduce oxidative damage and inflammation, optimize energy metabolism and bolster cellular protection,” according to the same study.

Fasting, including the ketogenic diet, is often achieved by carefully watching what food, if any, is being taken in, along with no or minimal caloric beverages. This is where water comes in. Water is an excellent resource to use throughout a keto fast for a few different reasons.

Water Loss Replacement

As a keto fast goes on, the body’s water stores are depleted. Muscles store glycogen within water. This means that as your body burns the glycogen, and none is replaced due to no carb intake, your body’s water storage is depleted as well, since water and glycogen are inherently tied together. This bonding is what causes some to lose so much weight on their first week of keto—a large part of that is water. Unfortunately, all that water loss can cause the miserable feeling which can happen before adapting to fats: essentially, mild dehydration. To avoid this, drinking enough water throughout the keto fast is essential to maintaining a healthy amount of water in your muscles as well as staving off the miserable-feeling keto flu.

Appetite & Craving Suppressant

The ketogenic diet hunger-reduction phenomenon is well-known, notes a study published in Frontiers in Psychology. Water can significantly help curb appetite or craving pangs. Keeping a water bottle nearby is helpful when going through a keto diet. Calorie-free water sweeteners can be used to curb sweet cravings, as can slightly salted water for savory or salty cravings. Consider drinking water before reaching for food. The water alone may be enough to suppress appetite.

Better Breath

As the body moves into ketosis, ketone acetate can cause some people to experience bad breath. Water can help with this in two ways. The first is by physically flushing or rinsing out the mouth, keeping any bacteria or unpleasant buildup of smells from occurring. The second way is by providing a calorie-free way to minty breath. Just add a sprig of crushed mint leaf to a glass of water, shake or stir, and presto—a quick, easy, calorie-free way to a minty mouth.

Faster Fat Metabolization

More water is needed by a body to break down fatty acids for energy, as compared to carbohydrates, fats or proteins. Carbs, fats and proteins donate water back into a system at the end of their process, while fat does not, according to the Virtual Chembook. The textbook chapter also illuminates how burning fat costs the system one water molecule per two carbon atoms in a fatty acid molecule. This means that burning fat costs a body more water than other types of processes. So, water is crucial to boost metabolism and keep the fatty acid burn raging.

Helps Your Kidneys

The kidneys are the body’s natural filtering system, intaking blood and removing impurities before letting the blood back out into the body. Whenever making any change to the body, whether it is keto fasting or any other type of fasting, it is important to drink water in order to aid the kidneys in their filtering process. Ketones, specifically, are acidic. While some are burned for energy, others are flushed out, going through the kidneys which turn them and urea into urine. To help lessen the change of acidic backup, make sure to flush out the kidneys by drinking plenty of water.


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