There’s a good reason why the office water cooler has positive connotations. The phrase has come to mean not just a drink source, but a gathering place where colleagues can blow off steam, bounce ideas back and forth, and make those indefinable connections that boost the work environment.

Health Benefits

Providing your employees with a water cooler will help them to stay hydrated, giving them an important boost to their health and wellbeing as well as their productivity. The health benefits of drinking water are well-documented. Every system in the human body depends on good hydration to function properly. Water flushes toxins out, enhances bowel function and transports nutrients all over the body.

Dehydration can lower alertness, concentration and short term memory function and may cause headaches.

Studies have also shown that drinking plenty of water can help people control their calorie intake better, thus enhancing their ability to manage their weight.

Productivity Boost

In addition to the health benefits it brings, a water cooler can create a space in your office where employees can go to get a quick, energizing break. and HR Magazine cite separate studies that indicate that people’s productivity goes up when they take short breaks between bursts of work. According to the survey cited in HR Magazine, in 62 percent of those breaks, employees chose to grab a quick drink.

An office water cooler is an amenity that will add to your employees’ comfort. Companies like Google, Yahoo and Facebook are renowned for employee satisfaction because they understand the benefits of considering such simple but effective perks for their workers. Employees will value those amenities even more when they come at no cost.

Hospitality to Clients and Guests

Clients and guests to your business will appreciate the hospitality of having access to a glass of cold, delicious water. A sleek, stylish water cooler in your reception area can help set a welcoming tone to people who visit your office.

Why Not Tap Water?

Why invest in an office water cooler when you can just turn on the mains tap and get water from there?

Tap water contains dozens of contaminants, some of which are known to have very harmful effects. Depending on your location, your water supply might have lead, chlorine, dioxins, mercury, or a host of other chemicals.

Lead can cause cognitive impairment, kidney damage, hypertension and problems in pregnancy. Chlorine is widely used to sanitize tap water, but can combine with other substances to create potentially harmful by-products. Dioxins are carcinogenic and can damage the immune and reproductive systems. Mercury is a heavy metal toxin that can lead to kidney impairment and brain damage.

Other substances in tap water may make it taste bad even though they have not been proven to cause harm. And unlike a water cooler, water from a tap may not be refreshingly cold.

Bottled Water Benefits

When you source water for your water cooler, don’t go for just any bottled water. Some bottled water is little better than tap water, and some companies will physically add minerals to their water.

In contrast, Le Bleu bottled water is nothing but pure hydrogen and oxygen. Taking its water “five steps beyond Mother Nature,” Le Bleu focuses on taste, purity and quality, and its water contains zero contaminants.

Hot and Cold Water On Tap

You can take your water a step further by getting a cooler that dispenses it hot as well as cold. Your employees and guests will be able to choose between a glass of water or make their hot beverage of choice. Coffee, cocoa, tea, or even soup will be possible, using pure, delicious hot water.

Where Should You Put Your Water Cooler?

You can maximize the benefits of your office water cooler by positioning it, or better yet, them, strategically. As already mentioned, the reception area is a good spot to have a cooler, so that guests and clients may have access to a drink.

When thinking about where to put your cooler, consider placing it in spaces where employees naturally congregate. The noticeboard, printer or scanner might be good spots. If your office has a kitchen or cafeteria, this is another natural choice to position your water cooler.

Keep your cooler out of direct sunlight since this will warm up the water. It’s also a good idea to position your water cooler against the wall so that it takes up as little space as possible. Cables need to be tucked away so that your employees and guests will not trip over them.

If you’re ready to supply your employees and office guests with pure, delicious water, check out why Le Bleu Enterprises would be a fantastic choice to supply your office water coolers. Click here for more information.