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Our customers give us an industry-leading 4.8 stars
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They Give Us an Industry-Leading 4.8 Stars

Excellent4.8 Based on 485 reviews from review us onWanda M. ★★★★★ Truly exceptional water process and care at every stage of customer service. They are the bottled water of choice at one of the faster food restaurants and I will go there just to get Le Blue, usually without anything else. You know how serious they are when their 5 gallon bottles are washed with Le Bleu to avoid any crossover with tap water. Cheers to you all for being the best.Sheri K. ★★★★★ Le Bleu water is so pure and healthy that it corrected digestive disorders my entire family was experiencing! The price is great and they not only deliver right to your door, they even bring it in and refill your containers and crock’s! The containers are clean! No need to sanitize! Thank you for such a very healthy refreshing healing product Le Bleu!🤗Omars F. ★★★★★ Le Bleu is a great company. They service our office and we are so happy we don't have to continuously purchase water for the office. They deliver and that makes it a great thingTodd S. ★★★★★ UPDATE: The company has made improvements and are showing up consistently.I love the water but delivery driver no shows many times. They do NOT return phone calls. Very disappointing.Response from the ownerTodd, we are glad you like our water however this is disappointing to hear. Can you please PM us with your account details. We would like to look into this for you. You can reach out to me directly, this is Gale. Vel M. ★★★★★ Best drinking water ever!MarkSusan M. ★★★★★ Been using Le Bleu for over 7 years. Wouldn't change a thing.Tedd P. ★★★★★ We were already served by a water company in the office when I was offered a trial with Le Bleu. Gave them a shot, and the water was so much better than the other company. Also, they won me over with service that was far above that I was currently receiving. It was very easy to turn our trial into an account. The office staff are happy with Le Bleu water, so that works out for all of us!Jen T. ★★★★★ We love LeBleu! We use the 5 gallon jugs, the delivery is great!Judy C. ★★★★★ I love getting my water from Le Bleu . It is the only water I drink and trust. John, my delievery guy, is wonderful. He is alwasy so friendly and respectful.Mike E. ★★★★★ The Water is the bestleitha W. ★★★★★ Great! Water MachineLaura P. ★★★★★ Le Bleu water is the best from the single bottles (non crinkly) to the water cooler that you can have set up in your home and they will deliver the bottles to you for a very reasonable price.Deborah M. ★★★★★ Lebleu is clean really delicious water. Some folks don't believe water has no taste that is wrong. Lebleu water has proven itself over and over.Eugene B. ★★★★★ It is always a 5 star experience with Le Bleu of Greensboro. Special thanks to Tevan our delivery person.Joanne M. ★★★★★ This is a great company. Very easy to contact. Very easy to get any problems addressed. I can change the amount of bottles that I need at any time, temporarily or long-term, by texting my request. The delivery guys are pleasant and cheerful.It's good to know I'm drinking water that is clean and pure.Kenneth W. ★★★★★ I've truly enjoyed Le Bleu water and I think it's a very refreshing water because of taste. There is no after taste nor that griddle feeling.Tracy H. ★★★★★ We love Le Bleu! Our water intake is so much more and the deliveries are on point. Having the machine dispenser in our kitchen is that extra added benefit and convenience you can’t beat. Hot , cold, and tap water fresh and instantly on hand. Our delivery person is always mindful of what our typical order is, so if we forget he’s coming, he knows what we need and ensured we get it. Wouldn’t change a thing.Brian F. ★★★★★ Best tasting water available. Service for home delivery is efficient, easy, and affordable. Customer service is outstanding. 5 gallon jugs are easy to use and reduces plastic footprint. And it’s just as good as the smaller bottles. Support your local water business with Le Bleu!Kristin S. ★★★★★ Our office now only drinks Le Bleu! We love the purity of the water and the fresh taste. 10 outta 10!!!Christa M. ★★★★★ Always Great Customer Service & of course we love the product!!Diana M. ★★★★★ Great service!Marilyn H. ★★★★★ I don't drink anything else. The delivery service is the bomb. They're the best!Joshua Z. ★★★★★ The Le Bleu Enterprise has astonished me from the beginning. When I decided that I was going to look into why my energy levels were so low, and why lots of other kinds of water drain our body’s of its resources. So I switched to Le Bleu. No placebo here folks. Just clean pristine water that the human body can drink with joy. I sleep better, I wake up with more energy. I’m excited to drink water now! Making it easier to get hydrated and REMAIN hydrated. Even when I have the option for a sports drink, Le Bleu it is. They have gained my trust. And My friends all like me better because I look like I actually care about what my friends are drinking. And they can sense it at the first drop out of the finest bottled water by Le Bleu Enterprises.js_loader

Le Bleu Bottled Water

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Le Bleu Bottled Water

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Le Bleu proudly serves the largest organizations in North and South Carolina. Offering:

  • 3- and 5-gallon water delivery services
  • Case bottled water
  • Custom label water bottles
  • Keurig machines with over 40 flavors of gourmet coffee, tea, and hot chocolate

Blue Ridge
Edward Jones
Gilbarco Veeder-Root
Georgia Pacific
Ingersoll Rand
Kimberly Clark
Wake Forest

Your Family Deserves the Purest Water

Le Bleu Bottled Water

For more than 20 years, families in North and South Carolina have relied on us to deliver pure, fresh-tasting, contaminant-free Le Bleu water to their homes.

Don’t worry about not being home, just leave your empty bottles out and we will exchange them.

Setup is quick, easy and scheduling is painless with easy text-messaging options and quickly emailed receipts.


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