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Based on 362 reviews
I love this water and the customer service personnel are always polite and so helpful and I love my delivery gentleman he always is polite and helpful to this old lady by putting in new bottle in my cooler if I need him to this company is top notch
Not only is the water the best but their service professionals and staff are all 5 star. As a retired military veteran I look forward to attention to detail. These folks get it right each and every time!
Since I’ve been a customer; I have had no issues. All the customer representatives have been courteous, professional and thorough with all my water needs.
Great experience working with Le Bleu..always on time delivery.I have had excellent customer service, any time that I have had to call , wonderful and very friendly employees always going above and beyond to help in any way
I have been with Le Bleu 18 years. I’ve enjoyed the service the home delivery and their customer service is the best. They are quick to serve and respond with any questions or concerns. They are always my first go to for connections needed for water service.
Exceptional customer service, timely delivery ,and the best tasting water ever!
Been drinking Le Bleu for years. Using both their home delivery option and buying cases of their bottle waters at Wal-Mart. 5 stars!
We love Le Bleu! Prior to using LeBleu, we were drinking filtered water from our refrigerator. After talking with a friend we decided to give them a try! Our city water sent out a message saying that they were adding new chemicals to keep the water clean and drinkable - ugh!!After trying it my family agreed that the water is amazing and tastes so pure instead of the chemically taste that we had grown accustomed too. We have been using them for about 9 months now and everything is so easy with them. They never miss a scheduled delivery and it is so easy to add or subtract from the delivery. Highly recommend if it fits into your budget!!!
Le Bleu water is amazing. We love the taste and purity of their water. The delivery service makes it very convenient for our office to keep water stocked. We use the water cooler and get cases of water delivered monthly.
This is the purest water around! The difference is noticed immediately! Once you try this, it's hard to drink other water brands.
I love Le Bleu water. Q is so nice when he delivers water to our office. And of course the water tastes great!
Love this water! The Greensboro staff is wonderful, all the way from the drivers to the customer service people. Thank you for making your healthy and delicious water so easy to obtain!
I was a customer in Wilmington NC back in 2008. Had to move to Greensboro and was so happy they delivered here. Great Company and the drivers who deliver the water are more than great.
My better half SWEARS by Le Bleu water and that's the only bottled water we ever drink at the house. When I needed water in my classroom so I didn't get so dehydrated, I immediately looked to Le Bleu and I LOVE that I can get great quality water delivered to me!
Great service and good water. When something isn't right, they MAKE it RIGHT FAST.
We have been using Le Bleu Water for many years. They have always been courteous, helpful, great delivery service people.The water is GREAT and we love Le Bleu!!
I used to be with another water service who was difficult in dealing with for billing and the water quality wasn't good. I can honestly say that I've enjoyed my service with Le Bleu. The water is pure and refreshing. They are prompt in delivering my water each month. I am a lifer with Le Bleu.
I love Le Bleu water! Thankfully every time I have lived in has been in their service area. They're the best I get the 5 gallon the 1.5 L and the 20 oz. Oh and I also got some of the super antioxidant muscadine juice!
I have been drinking Le Bleu water for over six years now. I even had it tested by a water company. They gave Le Bleu a thumbs up!
They have the best water. The delivery people are friendly and customer service always is helpful and friendly.
Prompt service and easy access to change delivery. Tastes so good!
We have had nothing but excellent customer service from Le Bleu. The delivery driver is always pleasant and on time, and the water is great. We had some awful customer service from another water company, Le Bleu stopped into our office and gave us a card. We are so glad we decided to switch over to them. Hands down best customer service.
Their water tastes amazing
Absolutely the best water ever❗️
I love being able to have 5 gallon jugs at home to use through out the week. Customer service is great too!
We use Le Bleu in my Consignment shop as a benefit for our staff and we all love it! Nice and cold delicious water! We love Le Bleu at Smith & Co. Consignment! Price is reasonable as well!
I have been receiving home deliveries for 3 years now. Customer service is always great and our deliveries are always on time.Le Blue water is the purest water on the market.Thank you Le Blue for making home deliveries possible.
Water is great. Delivery is excellent and when promised and Customer service is easy to work with
It's the water I drink, I love their process to purify the water. That's what made me purchase their product.
We love Le Bleu water. They are always on time and we've never had any issues with delivery or billing. The water comes like clockwork and tastes amazing! Thanks Le Bleu!
We love Le Bleu water and have been getting it delivered to our home for many years. We use only Le Bleu water for cooking and drinking. Our journey started with Le Bleu because of my husbands issues with kidney stones as well as our concern over the safety of tap water. I’m happy to say that his issues with kidney stones subsided after we began drinking only Le Bleu. Their delivery service is a great value and very dependable. We never run out. I am happy to say that we plan to continue drinking only Le Bleu for life.
Love LeBleu and great delivery service!!
Great service, awesome water!!We have some truly nasty water in our Kernersville apartment and have stopped using it for anything consumable. It literally has a film on it coming straight from the tap. NOW, we drink more water than ever because we know it’s clean! Thank you, Le Bleu!
Our company has been a customer of Le Bleu for the past year and we could not be happier! The water is wonderful and refreshing! Their team is always willing to help with billing questions or redeliveries. Great company! Great water! 10/10 recommend!
We have been drinking Le Bleu Water for years. When we found out we could have the water delivered to our home, we were ecstatic! Their customer service is amazing and they make it so simple and convenient to keep a steady supply of our favorite water at home. Their online portal allows you to set up your delivery and payment preferences and you're all set. The water delivery service has been a life changer. We fill our reusable water bottles at home and also purchase the individual bottles to refill while we are at work or on the go. It's the only water we drink.
Le Bleu water service is the best around. We were Crystal Springs customers and got feed up with their run around BS! Been with Le Bleu for over two years. Are they perfect no (get over yourself) but they do make things right and they answer the phones. Another plus the water is better
This is the best water I’ve ever had. My husband found Le Bleu and I started using it to make my coffee and it took away all aftertaste, and my coffee tastes 100% better! Last year we contacted Le Bleu to get the blue bottles in the smaller size. Le Bleu has simply become our drink of choice!
Great tasting water, and great service!
Le Bleu has been my choice of water for sometime and I use it for home use in 5-gal containers. The water quality is great and the service if fantastic. My order is always delivered to my home on time every time. Thanks Le Bleu!
Wonderful water.. and love the convenance of having delivery to my house
When we built our home 18 years ago we had the tank installed in our garage with a spicket at our kitchen sink. It has been wonderful having fresh water at the flick of a switch instead of our well water.
Le Bleu water is the best! It is the water of choice in our office. Delivery is always on time and driver is always very pleasant and helpful. Highly recommend!
I have been using Le Bleu for years and they have never disappointed me. This water has no taste!!! Which is how water should be. It's pure and delicious. It's the only water I will drink. I have gotten my kids hooked on it and they now have a dispenser in their homes.
My family and I absolutely LOVE this company and their water. The taste is so refreshing and crisp! My daughter is a big athletic and we travel a lot! So with the water delivery service we never run out! It is perfect for our family! Our delivery man has also been so wonderful and kind, always covering the water cases when it rains. We've have skipped a couple months of delivery here lately, but soon will jump back on the monthly delivery. Softball starts this month! LeBleu is also offered at Carlie C's in Graham, that's my other go to when I skip the delivery. Please put my name in the hat for the gift card! The White's appreciate you all and everyone's hard work! Thank you, Chris, Angel, Brianna and Susie!
Best water and service ever..
There's nothing better than having cold, good tasting water available whenever you want it without the taste of the plastic bottle. Delivery is reliable and noplastic waste.
We have been with LeBleu over 15 years now. We love the water and the taste. The delivery's always come on time and they are always very curtesious.
Great customer service & commutation. I changed to Le Bleu after being subjected to horrible service from a previous company. Thanks Le Bleu!
LeBlue is the purest of pure water available. I have been using it for all my drinking and cooking needs for over 30 years. The difference in LeBlue and anything else is unmistakable. Water is my drink of choice so it has to be pure and refreshing. When I cook and make soup I use 10 cups of LeBlue not tap. You have to see the difference, you will not go back. When we lost our distributor in my area, my hubby was lugging cases of bottles of LeBlue home for me. He was willing to do delivery in Asheville so we could get it. LEBLUE is BEST!
Excellent water and excellent service!
Great quality, great service, friendly and very helpful staff. Always on time, flexible delivery if/as needed.
I love le blue products! Best tasting in my opinion and the delivery service is on point! I refuse to go with anyone else at this point! Please keep up the great quality and consistent service and you got a life long customer in me and thems just facts 💯 we all deserve clean water without chemicals or fluoride! All it takes is a little sprinkle of some sea salt and boom you got the healthiest option aswell. Thank you so much! You don't have to get better just don't get worse ! 😁👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 highly recommended. Oh and the delivery driver is always very nice and helpful. Thank you le blue for standing out above a corrupt sea of bottled water companies, owners of which have said water is not a human right ! And we should be taxed for it! Our bodies are 70ish % water for God sakes! Dont allow evil people to lie to you! If they succeed then that would just give other flawed humans like ourselves more control over our exsitences. And we don't NEED nor want that! Trust me! Thanx again le blue YEW DUH BOMB💧⛲🍶
We love our Le Bleu drinking water! Tastes absolutely amazing, we just can't get enough! Delivery is so easy and convenient, with great prices, and it is so easy to add an extra bottle or skip a month if needed. We will never choose a different product.
We are very pleased with our Le Bleu service. I can email and receive an answer the same day. In and out quickly. Invoice sent to my email before they leave the building. Very professional. They send out the delivery schedule for the year.Thank you for your service,
Absolutely the best water ever!! It’s pure, refreshing and taste like pure clean water from a crisp pure mountain stream, only better as one doesn’t have to worry about impurities. We have been drinking LeBleu for at least 5 years and we miss it extremely when we travel and can’t find it. Wish they sold nationally!! I even fill containers with to drink when we go glamping in our trailer. Never had problems with delivery and have a great delivery guy! Would and do recommend it to our family and friends
Great company for bottled water! Always delivers on time, and the delivery driver (Dave) contacts you the day prior to make sure there aren't any special requests and make sure you left your empties out! The water is RO distilled and tastes great! Unlike another company that would promise delivery and then fail and reschedule and fail and reschedule and on and on, this company and their people are great, and once a delivery date is set, they meet it!
After a lifetime of drinking tap water, we decided to live healthier and not put all the chemicals that come with piped-in water into our bodies. LeBleu is perfect for us. We have the cooler in our kitchen and use the water for everything except dishwashing. We love that it always tastes fresh and clean.
Love the taste of LeBleu water. I drink several glasses of water because it tastes so good. I also find that using it to cook with the time for cooking is reduced. Dried beans cook a lot faster. I never want to have to do without LeBleu water. It has been 2 years since this review. I am still loving my LeBleu water. Don"t trust water from spigot. I know this is clean fresh and good for me.
Always great service!! They have a great team.
My husbands favorite water! Tastes clean and fresh.
our delivery person TYLER is a fine young man and a credit to your company He is kind and polite and very dependable We always look forward to his visit to our home sincerely Thad and Suzanne Murray
Great customer service. Never had any problems and the water is soooooo goooood! It's nice to know that what you are drinking is 100% pure.
Best water. Best Service!
Best water and best service by far!
I love Le Bleu water. I can easily drink 6 to 8 bottles in a day.
Le Bleu water is my preferred water! I did not drink much water until I tasted Le Bleu. I am disappointed when I can't find it in other states; so I make sure to bring Le Bleu with me when I travel.
This is the best water in NC. It is so clean and pure. The service is also excellent
Best water and the best service by far.
My father was drinking le bleu when I went to care for him, so my daughter and I decided to try it for a week in place of our bottle water. We noticed are body felt better then ever and I started sleeping better. The water is amazingly refreshing and really good for your over all health.
Best water ever. Great tasting in my coffee
Our friends always come to our house after a "beach" or "boat" day just for Le Bleu Water. It's just that good👍
I really enjoy LeBleu water and the friendly and courteous staffTry LeBleu water it will make a difference in your life
Pure water that tastes great! We are happy to serve Le Bleu water to our members, in bottles and from a cooler. Customer service has always been great and the driver's are friendly.
Have had this for years and I love it!
I love getting my water from Le Bleu . It is the only water I drink and trust. John, my delievery guy, is wonderful. He is alwasy so friendly and respectful.
Le Bleu is awesome! I buy it for myself but really wanted the clean, healthy option for my kids. We can't even drink our tap water for the taste and as I've learned filters are basically worthless and bottled water is just as bad. If you do your research this is the only 100% clean and healthy option out there! And they deliver to your house, can't get any better than that!!
La Bleu is the best by far n wide fresh drinking water out there. We've had home delivery for 20 plus years. I've never found a better water.
Awesome water
Have been drinking Le Bleu water for over 25 years. Great, great water. No taste!! Very refreshing!!
We love Le Bleu water at Guilford Garden Center! The dispenser gives us both hot and cold water, so convenient and clean - no chemicals! Our staff AND our cats thank you, Le Bleu!
Le Bleu water tastes great! Service and delivery top notch, thanks y’all!
Love LeBleu water!! I had a guy come test my water and he found that LeBleu was as clean and healthy as their purified water!
love them, moved here in august they are always on schedule
LeBleu water is the purest water I have ever tasted. We happened to try a bottle one time while we where out and now this is the only water we drink, we just love it.
When I lived in NC, I always ordered Le Bleu water. I rented a cooler from Le Bleu but then I decided to buy a refurbished one. The refurbished cooler lasted for years at a great price. I enjoyed the taste of the water and the service was excellent. I have to say "I enjoyed it" because I moved out of NC and the state I live in does not have the Le Bleu delivery service. I believe only NC and SC are serviced in this way. However, when able, I do purchase the individual smaller bottles from certain supermarkets that carry it in my state. I wanted to write this review although I don't have this water delivery service anymore; I use another company, and I notice the difference in the service and even the taste of the water.
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Le Bleu Bottled Water

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Le Bleu proudly serves the largest organizations in North and South Carolina. Offering:

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Blue Ridge
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